Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 15th-16th at Bake-hurrr


No one on the mountain. At all. Me and my crew of 6 people total were the only people waiting for 5 when it opened. The upper half of the mountain was super good, yet the bottom half was mashed potatoes al a carte. The next people to get on the chair were just getting on as we were trying to mash through the potatoes at the bottom.

Lapped gabls twice then got on chair 6 when it opened. The upper 2/3rds of sticky trees were super good, and there was still no one the mountain. So confused.

This picture was taken around 10am, so I had already lappen chair 6 twice. Where are all the tracks?

Spent the rest of the day doing dolphys (first tracks at 11 aka wtf?), the chute, pan face, rat trap, etc. Left at 130pm because I was soaking wet and and things were starting to get really heavy.

16th: Had to take a screenshot of the snow report when I got home this afternoon

!!!! holy titties so good. I was really bummed checking the report this morning (14in overnight) because I had a final at 8am, yet I found out while walking out of my final at 850 that chair 6 wasnt opening till 11. Basically ran home, threw my soaking wet gear together, and mobbed up to baker. Got there at 1040 aka perfect timing. Right when I arrived at chair 6, it opened. The first 3 runs were so stupid good.

First run through sticky trees made the inside of my pants sticky. So deep and the snow was much lighter than yesterday. Second run did north face to hotels (i think?) and it was equally super good. Third run went to my favorite chute by rat trap and luckily no one had hit it yet. Straight-lined the shit out of it and surprisingly didn't explode in the run out. Love having a chute with a runout that isn't tracked out.

The rest of the day I spent riding aroung the usual areas around chair 1 and ended the day not crossing a single track in chair 7 trees.

I got lots of footage from the last 2 days, but it will be a while before I make an edit. Lots of studying to do these next couple days...

I love life.

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