Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Insomnia + Walmart + Whistler this weekend

So doing homework and drinking milk was not exciting enough, so I went to walmart at 1am and bought 8 sobe citrus' for 10 bucks. Stoked! Also scored some potato salad. Yum Yum.

Did you kanow that people go grocery shopping at 1am. WTF?

It's awesome. Everytime I go to walmart late at night people are shopping. I guess I'm not the only person that doesn't enjoy taking their ambien. That stuff hurts my brain.


Gonna go to whistler this weekend with my homie ryan. We are gonna drive up there saturday, party, pass out in my car, then snowboard all next day on blackcomb...shall be sickkkkk yo. I got buy one get one free lift tickets too so it will only be like 36 buckaroo's a person. BYAH.

Here is our gameplan:

But for now...I got hellza homework and midterms and shit all week.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stevens Pass IS DUNZO

Stevens Pass is deaded. It's all good though! For having such a low-snow season I actually had a lot of fun. I primarily rode by myself all this year but that's ok. No one slowing me down on powder days! Byah!

Closing day was really really cold. Actually no that is a lie. When I left the lot at 3pm it was 59 degrees. Super hot yo. It was the slushy too. I did not even ride the park because I was feeling under the weather and I did not feel like breaking my spine. Kind of bummed though cause the park looked like it was on fire.

Allz I did the whole day was cruise around and pop 3's off of everything. Damn has my skill grown exponentially this year. I can pull off the whole mueller 180 butter revert out thing like crazy too. That is the only thing that keeps the ride from tye to the base area fun...besides slashing slow signs.

The season isn't nearly over for me yet, but for list-serviced stevens pass riding it is. Thanks stevens pass for the late season pow. It was tasty. Also thanks for keeping the park super fun when the snow was "the suck" for january and february. Good times. Not sure if I will be getting a pass there next year however cause I will be living in bham...looks like Baker to me!

Peash out biozntches

ps...i am hackzoring internet from a bar in edmonds right meow...heavy level blogz status yo

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Spring Has Been THE GOOD

Click on the picture to see the full size.

I <3 visiting the white room

Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Pow? Yes please and thank you... 4/9/10

Arrived at 830am and there was already a ridiculous amount of people there. Wtf. I got like ~20th chair on 7th and the first run down once again was awesome. So deep. Faceshots. Hooray.Corona Bowl was good also early in the am, as I sessioned my new favorite cliff zone on the riders left of the bowl. Stoked

Then dropped down into polaris bowl and then down the ski are boundary line all the way down to the bottom. Basically no tracks. Stoked.

Next I hit wild katz, which was closed, but with a little bit of traversing you could make it into that area. The trees on the side were so good, almost silly. Weird to ride that run and not hit 4.7 million moguls. Stoked.

Then I hit orion chutes, which were surprisingly very tracked out. I found one of my favorite cliffs to jump off of however and I was the happy. so deep and light that when you land snow flys into your mouth. Stoked.

Next run was tye bowl via nasty gash and damn was it nasty. The whole chute avied this morning but about halfway down there was soft avy snow that was fun. Once I got into the bowl it was fresh and tasty as usual.

Then I sessioned the 7th chutes for a while, in which I found lots of pow in the usual places. Hit a couple cliffs and stomped them both. One I have never stomped before. Stoked.

Rest of the day I just jumped off a whole bunch of things around hogsback. Damn I love hogsback and it is awesome because I sware alot of people forget it even exists on a powder day.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Chair Extravaganza 4/3/10

Stevens Pass yesterday was INSANE. I am home for easter for the weekend but Brian, Ben, and I woke up at 425am sharp to catch the 450 bremerton ferry. We basically were the definition of stoked and we were expected to stay in the white room for the majority of the day. When I called the stevens pass snowline, I got even more stoked. 10inches of fresh overnight. Me likey. Lemme just say it was wayyyy deeper than that in a lot of spots.

We arrived at 730am at the pass and I proceeded to piss infront of all the powder junkies that were arriving after us. We got in line for 7th heaven at 745am and guess what? We were first in-line aka first chair (well atleast for me! haha).

The line proceeded to get long, then longer, then really long, then really really really long, then ridiculously long. This all happened in between 750am and 830am too. You had to get there uber early for the pow that day, luckily we did.

So at around 850am, the gates drop. I skated faster then everyone and I managed to get on the first chair all to myself...and it is a quad! Haha sucks for all of you! I then skated as fast to skyline as possible and some gnarly skier dude made it onto the first chair of 7th heaven with me. He was rad. Lived in Jackson for 9 years and he was showing me his line. Some double cliff drop right to the left of the 7th heaven lift. Insane. I'll take no tracks in Rock garden please.

First run was so good. Turned like 5(?) times and it was so deep. Every turn was "boom to the head" with snow. I dig. I dig. I then proceeded to tye mill and waited approximately 20 seconds for brian. We immediately go up tye and see a guy drop the cliff to the skiers left of tye rock. It was so big he had to time it perfectly so he wouldnt wack his head on the chair. Sick.

We then dropped down into corona bowl, and it was the good. Like so good. Then rode over to the trees just right of lower aquarius and those were sooooo good. Just rode down next to the treeline at like mach 13. So fun. We then waited for ben for a couple minutes and went back up southern cross. Atleast 12 hi-5's went down on the chair.

Then we dropped down into orion chutes and was the super happy. It was still pretty much easy to cross no tracks. Stoked. We sessioned the backside for a little bit but then the lines got huge around 945am so we decided to play around tye bowl. That was so so so good too!

After that we hiked cowboy ridge in complete whiteout. Probably not the smartest idea...haha. Was still really really good though. I accidentally white roomed myself when I should not have and I got caught up in my sluff and went for a little ride. After I traversed and got out of my sluff it was suuuuuper good. We then went back to tye bowl and hogsback and played there for the rest of the day. We called it quits at 2pm due to powder fatigue syndrome and brian was going to the sounders game that night.

I would give the day a 4.99 out of 5. The only reason for the .01 of difference is because of the crazy crazy crowds.

Here is my video from the day too: (most of my video I took was white from the day but luckily I still got some good footage)