Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stevens Pass IS DUNZO

Stevens Pass is deaded. It's all good though! For having such a low-snow season I actually had a lot of fun. I primarily rode by myself all this year but that's ok. No one slowing me down on powder days! Byah!

Closing day was really really cold. Actually no that is a lie. When I left the lot at 3pm it was 59 degrees. Super hot yo. It was the slushy too. I did not even ride the park because I was feeling under the weather and I did not feel like breaking my spine. Kind of bummed though cause the park looked like it was on fire.

Allz I did the whole day was cruise around and pop 3's off of everything. Damn has my skill grown exponentially this year. I can pull off the whole mueller 180 butter revert out thing like crazy too. That is the only thing that keeps the ride from tye to the base area fun...besides slashing slow signs.

The season isn't nearly over for me yet, but for list-serviced stevens pass riding it is. Thanks stevens pass for the late season pow. It was tasty. Also thanks for keeping the park super fun when the snow was "the suck" for january and february. Good times. Not sure if I will be getting a pass there next year however cause I will be living in bham...looks like Baker to me!

Peash out biozntches

ps...i am hackzoring internet from a bar in edmonds right meow...heavy level blogz status yo


  1. how fast is them edmonds e-nets? word. B-B-B-B-BAKER.