Saturday, April 10, 2010

April Pow? Yes please and thank you... 4/9/10

Arrived at 830am and there was already a ridiculous amount of people there. Wtf. I got like ~20th chair on 7th and the first run down once again was awesome. So deep. Faceshots. Hooray.Corona Bowl was good also early in the am, as I sessioned my new favorite cliff zone on the riders left of the bowl. Stoked

Then dropped down into polaris bowl and then down the ski are boundary line all the way down to the bottom. Basically no tracks. Stoked.

Next I hit wild katz, which was closed, but with a little bit of traversing you could make it into that area. The trees on the side were so good, almost silly. Weird to ride that run and not hit 4.7 million moguls. Stoked.

Then I hit orion chutes, which were surprisingly very tracked out. I found one of my favorite cliffs to jump off of however and I was the happy. so deep and light that when you land snow flys into your mouth. Stoked.

Next run was tye bowl via nasty gash and damn was it nasty. The whole chute avied this morning but about halfway down there was soft avy snow that was fun. Once I got into the bowl it was fresh and tasty as usual.

Then I sessioned the 7th chutes for a while, in which I found lots of pow in the usual places. Hit a couple cliffs and stomped them both. One I have never stomped before. Stoked.

Rest of the day I just jumped off a whole bunch of things around hogsback. Damn I love hogsback and it is awesome because I sware alot of people forget it even exists on a powder day.

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