Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Insomnia + Walmart + Whistler this weekend

So doing homework and drinking milk was not exciting enough, so I went to walmart at 1am and bought 8 sobe citrus' for 10 bucks. Stoked! Also scored some potato salad. Yum Yum.

Did you kanow that people go grocery shopping at 1am. WTF?

It's awesome. Everytime I go to walmart late at night people are shopping. I guess I'm not the only person that doesn't enjoy taking their ambien. That stuff hurts my brain.


Gonna go to whistler this weekend with my homie ryan. We are gonna drive up there saturday, party, pass out in my car, then snowboard all next day on blackcomb...shall be sickkkkk yo. I got buy one get one free lift tickets too so it will only be like 36 buckaroo's a person. BYAH.

Here is our gameplan:

But for now...I got hellza homework and midterms and shit all week.


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