Saturday, May 1, 2010

Empire of the Sun August 11th @ the Music Box in Hollywood


Guess who is going to see Empire of the Sun on August 11th in Hollywood? ME! Some friends and I have started to go on road trips to Cali every summer as a tradition, and once we saw that eots was playing on August 11th in Hollywood, we knew when to go.

I scored my tickets at 10:01 am. I showed ticketmaster what's up. Even though they destroyed me with like 13 different hidden fees. Oh well. The price I paid for 2 tickets with all the fee's is still the same amount I would have been willing to pay for one retail.



  1. woah. the roomate is hitting up this show and was trying to get me to go... maybe ,.. i will have to find a place to live for 3 days cuz i have to move in the 14th maybe with you guys? who knows

  2. let me talk to him about a place to stay

  3. nm this show is old out. i could still get tix for the show on the 12th.... im kindve over it

  4. brad go to the second show! that would be so sick