Sunday, April 4, 2010

First Chair Extravaganza 4/3/10

Stevens Pass yesterday was INSANE. I am home for easter for the weekend but Brian, Ben, and I woke up at 425am sharp to catch the 450 bremerton ferry. We basically were the definition of stoked and we were expected to stay in the white room for the majority of the day. When I called the stevens pass snowline, I got even more stoked. 10inches of fresh overnight. Me likey. Lemme just say it was wayyyy deeper than that in a lot of spots.

We arrived at 730am at the pass and I proceeded to piss infront of all the powder junkies that were arriving after us. We got in line for 7th heaven at 745am and guess what? We were first in-line aka first chair (well atleast for me! haha).

The line proceeded to get long, then longer, then really long, then really really really long, then ridiculously long. This all happened in between 750am and 830am too. You had to get there uber early for the pow that day, luckily we did.

So at around 850am, the gates drop. I skated faster then everyone and I managed to get on the first chair all to myself...and it is a quad! Haha sucks for all of you! I then skated as fast to skyline as possible and some gnarly skier dude made it onto the first chair of 7th heaven with me. He was rad. Lived in Jackson for 9 years and he was showing me his line. Some double cliff drop right to the left of the 7th heaven lift. Insane. I'll take no tracks in Rock garden please.

First run was so good. Turned like 5(?) times and it was so deep. Every turn was "boom to the head" with snow. I dig. I dig. I then proceeded to tye mill and waited approximately 20 seconds for brian. We immediately go up tye and see a guy drop the cliff to the skiers left of tye rock. It was so big he had to time it perfectly so he wouldnt wack his head on the chair. Sick.

We then dropped down into corona bowl, and it was the good. Like so good. Then rode over to the trees just right of lower aquarius and those were sooooo good. Just rode down next to the treeline at like mach 13. So fun. We then waited for ben for a couple minutes and went back up southern cross. Atleast 12 hi-5's went down on the chair.

Then we dropped down into orion chutes and was the super happy. It was still pretty much easy to cross no tracks. Stoked. We sessioned the backside for a little bit but then the lines got huge around 945am so we decided to play around tye bowl. That was so so so good too!

After that we hiked cowboy ridge in complete whiteout. Probably not the smartest idea...haha. Was still really really good though. I accidentally white roomed myself when I should not have and I got caught up in my sluff and went for a little ride. After I traversed and got out of my sluff it was suuuuuper good. We then went back to tye bowl and hogsback and played there for the rest of the day. We called it quits at 2pm due to powder fatigue syndrome and brian was going to the sounders game that night.

I would give the day a 4.99 out of 5. The only reason for the .01 of difference is because of the crazy crazy crowds.

Here is my video from the day too: (most of my video I took was white from the day but luckily I still got some good footage)

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