Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stevens Pass UBER EPIC POWDER DAY 3/30/10

So sick. Sooooo sick. SO SO SO SICK! I mean seriously, yesterday was awesome. No other way to describe it. I got 5th chair up 7th Heaven and nearly began to cry I was so excited. I did not cross a track till the runout at the bottom of Rock Garden. So stoked.

Then I hit the backside for a bit, in which I slayed polaris bowl, corona bowl, andromeda face, and the orion chutes. All of these runs included a snow-infested perma smile of joy and jubilation. Then I dropped down into the Double-Diamond/wildkatz trees. Damn those are fun. Super technical, tight, and steep, but those are all good things because they mean fresh tracks for me :)

The rest of the day I rode primarily 7th Heaven and the Tye Bowl chute area's where I was destroying the left over fresh. I hit quite a few cliffs today cause I was feelin' it. There was powder out 'thar and I ate it all up. The video below is a compialation from all the video I took during the day. So much fun!

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