Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Early February-Early March in Summary aka Pooh/Ice/Corn/Mank

Hmmmmm. Where to start? Well the last month has been very interesting. I've basically encountered every type of snow condition possible. I've encountered slushtastical slushies, poohtacular pnw pooh, and death-status icyness mank snow of doom. The first two I approve of, the last one can get dead for all I care. Despite this winter for the most part being the suck, I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Due to the sheer suckiness, I've been able to do stuff that I wouldn't usually do. My park skills have gone up exponentionally, I've done alot more slackcountry and hiking for turns, and I've learned how to destroy slow signs and run from the "mountain safety" personas at Stevens Pass.

A couple weeks ago, on February 20th to be exact, me and some fellow scumbag homiez decided to hike up to the top of Mt Townsend. The avy conditions were as low as possible, and I wanted to do a crazy workout, so I reached out and grabbed this oppurtunity by the cajones. The crew was Dane, Elijah, Brian, Ben and your's truly. On the way up to the trailhead, we encountered some ice wish was thoroughly raped by my blizzaks, but mi amigo Brians wrx did not approve of the ice as much. He went straight into the ditch, but just kept on driving like no problemo, and all there was was a small scratch on his bumper...aka the crazy. We reached the trailhead at 8am sharp-(ish?) and proceeded to go straight up the mountain. We reached snow on the trail probably only .75 miles into the hike. It was gnar gnar ice due to it being in the trees and early in the morning and hellza cold. Once we got above most of the trees, we encountered poohtacular corn snow. We then just hiked straight up the mountain and made it up there by noon and we were 200% tired. I proceeded to eat my smashed subway sandwich in under 2 minutes. Once we somewhat recovered, there was much rejoicing throughout the land because we were now gonna ride our snowboards down 2.5k of may-style corn snow.

The run was awesome, I even accidentally dropped a mini-cliff due to my stoke level. Once we stopped, we were in hi-5 mode aka "broh brah dude totally sick, so rad." At the end of our run, there was a slushy pillow over a stump that we sessioned for a while. I tried to get all artsy with a tweaked melon backside 1 and I repeatedly crashed and almost impaled my anus on a branch. Time to stop...I guess. I now went searching for the sobe citrus that I stashed in the snow, but I never found it. I was so bummed, sad day in the neighborhood for me. We all then dropped down into the trees and tried to ride the icy traverse back down...that was hell. We finally stopped and proceeded to look like those mexican tourists from wenatchee who go to stevens pass and ride down the rope tow area on their ass with a snowboard underneath them. Once we got back, I destroyed some nutra-grain bars and went home and slept like a "gooh gooh gah gah" baby. I took some video but im saving the vids for my season "edit."

Here are some random pictures from the day:

That day was the fun.

February 26th poohtators: It was only 6 days since the uber hike of doom, and I was riding lift service pow. Life is good. I'm pretty sure that people are blind at stevens pass, because I was literally the only person riding the chutes on seventh and it was non-stop white room all day. So much fun. It was super foggy all day and I couldn't see about 76% of the time, but I did not care. I did not take any pics cause I was riding alone but I took some sweet video action which is broadcasted below:

(I'm still trying to figure out how to edit and still ouput the video in 720p, well actually I know how I'm just too lazy to do it right now)

That day was fun as well.

Other random days: So besides the two days above this, I have been basically riding park the last month, and it's been a lot of fun surprisingly. The waterfall jump right now is pristine, and it is just oh so fun to float through the air. Here are some pics of me and my san diegoian homie brad pwning the air with our boards of banana land:

the brad

and yours truly:

It's been a fun winter, but I sure hope that this friday will lead to powder-bliss.

El fin para meow...

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