Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mid-Season Recap (as of 2/2/10)

So to put it lightly, I have been hellza lazy with this whole blog thing. Not sure why, just have been. As I'm typing this write now I am ridiculously tired, but whatevs. But I have pics and vids farther down in this post, so don't be discouraged!

So far the season has been...well...interesting. It started off amazing but recently it's been a mixture of mediocre, above average, and the suck. I've only logged in 18 days so far this season which kind of sucks but money is tight and all my shredding buddies are lazy or injured or M.I.A. My season so far has looked like this:

14 days at Stevens Ass
1 day at Baker
1 day at crystal
1 day at hurricane ridge (before the road fell apart)
1 day in the Olympic National Forest backcountry

My goal was originally for 50-75 days, but that goal is the dead meow. My goal for this season now is 40 days which is very much doable. Hopefully I'll get some spring days in at whistler and once the road is fixed at hurricane ridge I will hopefully get some more booter sessions there when I go home to "visit" my family.

Below are random pictures from this season so far:

Hiking at Hurricane Ridge for some slushtasticity

My buddy Ryan getting ambushed by birds

The Lovely Robyn and I

Hog-z-bacque poohtaters

Tree Tap at Stevens

Olympic National Forest Backcountry

(I have a lot more photos that I'll post eventually, I lost the cord that connects my cell phone to my computer)


So I got a ContourHD helmet cam for christmas and I've basically been taking video nonstop since. At the end of the season I will create a full on movie from this season's footage, but for now here are some videos that are completely unedited so far from the season.

Here is a vid from the park at stevens from just earlier today.

Here is a vid from some easy access (like 8 minute hike) slackcountry.

Here is a vid from a surprise pow day at Stevens

and here is a vid that is unedited so ignore the first like 5 minutes, but the rest is fun mini-shred pow with my girlfriend.

I have a whole bunch of videos that I have not posted yet, but as the season goes on and when the season is over I will post them for sure.

So for all the 3.47 people that read my blog, sorry boutz my laziness, I'll get back into bloggang again.

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