Monday, January 23, 2012

White Pass 1/19 and West 1/20

Days numero 9 and 10 of the season were the good. White Pass was INSANELY deep but it was really heavy pnw potato snow. That ski area needs some more steeps but they make up for lack of gnar by having no crowds at all. Rode the new terrain there (got first chair lol @ 845) and it is phlat for the most part but fun.

The drive back home on Thursday was terrible though. Nonstop insane snow all the way back to Ellensburg. Manastash Ridge was a ghost town because it was chains required/4wd. I had never seen it that bad.

Wildside at 4pm on Friday was the tits. Pretty dry snow, and there was pow everywhere. Once Wildside was tore up and the Beaver Lake gnar got boring then we made our way to 360 bowl and jumped off of things into darkness for a couple hrs. I love snowboarding. Here is a vid:

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