Thursday, February 9, 2012

Alpental Slackcountry Vid + Other Dayz (2/2, 2/4)

From the best day of the season thus far.

In other news, I rode at alpy on February 2nd and it looked like this in the backcountry:

We lapped the upper nash gate all day till about 2pm then went home. It was a solid day in the bc with andrew and brian. Looking at the forecast it will probably be the last powder day for awhile.

On Saturday the 4th I went to White Pass extremely hungover w/ my neighbor alex. Their park was open for the first time this season so pretty much all we did was lap the jump line all day. T'was fun. Then we saved a dogs life on our way home. The dog jumped out of the back of the truck that was in front of us and managed to survive. We put the dog in our car and rallied back to the truck that was infront of us. The poor dog was wimpering and most definitely confused/nervous. Here's a pic of the guy:

You should've saw the look on the guy's face when we returned his dog. We were driving in the passing lane and yelling at him and he thought we were just some dumbass college kids until he realized we had his dog in our car. Dumbass.

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