Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stevens Pass (12/14/09)

This day was created out of pure boredom and insomnia. All Sunday night I could not sleep, and by 6am I was fed up with staring at the walls in my room. I then decided I would go snowboarding even though I knew the conditions would be sub-par.

Got to Stevens Pass around 930am and it was full on freezing fog/rain. There was about 2 inches of fresh snow on top of complete ice. So pretty much I stayed on groomers all day. The groomers were surprisingly fun for the most part, despite my goggles freezing over after every run. Basically I spent the entire day getting iced over and goofing around all day. I got my park pass and the park was surprisingly a lot of fun.

This is a pic of the aftermath from the day. My jacket is iced over solid.

Overall I would give the day a 2/5 just because the conditions were ultra-pooptastical.

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