Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stevens Pass (11/21/09)

Story time:

Holy tits! This day was just too good. I kept on trying to comprehend that it was truly a saturday before turkey day! ..and the conditions were that good :) so so so happy!

I started off the day cutting off about 250 people (no exaggeration) in the big chief liftline. I saw my two friends in the front of the line, I couldn't believe it. I guess they got there at like 7am, now thats dedication.

Well anyways I finally made my way up to double diamond and right when I plan on getting on the lift it breaks down! I was frustrated. I was literally standing on the line where you wait for the chair to hit you in the back of the leg. They then proceeded to load the lift very slowly to let everyone off, but they wouldn't let anyone back on. Soooo frustrated. I waited in line and 40 minutes later I was on the lift.

Needless to say that run was awesome. Probably only 80 people had hit the run before me and I slayed the fall line all the way down to southern cross. So stoked. So many faceshots. Accidental cliff drop to landing. So happy. Life is good.

I then met up with my two buddies at the bottom of the lift and we hit up the aquarius face/cliffs area for a while. So good. The conditions were so good here and that's why there were no photos.

Once that began to get tracked out we went to our stash in the slackcountry of stevens. It was super dooper tasty, and since there was no rush to get fresh tracks (there were like 2 other people out there) ... I was ready to take some pictures.

Here is a pic of my buddy Brian slaying the poohtastic snow.

After that we decided to check out tye bowl via the top chutes. There were no, I mean no, tracks leading to tye bowl from the area we were hitting it. So awesome! Faceshots were had and the bowl was a pillow heaven. Popping off of pillows into bottomless pow is just so much fun.

We hit this for literally the rest of the day. It was just so good and everyone was focusing on hitting the backside because it was "backside opening day." With everyone on the backside it left us frontside goods.

Where's Brian above? and where is me below?

We sessioned Hogsback trees to tye mill-tye bowl for the rest of the day. We were just too stoked. '

Here is a video from about 2pm on the frontside of Stevens on a saturday...and people complain about Stevens getting tracked out too fast. You just gotta know where to go!

Overall I would give this day a 4.9/5, it was literally perfect besides the fact that it was a Saturday. If this was a weekday it would have been the definiton of the perfect lift-served day snowboarding.

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  1. pretty much just riding in november without crazyuberbase gouges = 4.95/5 stars most of the time