Friday, November 20, 2009

Stevens Pass Opening Day (11/19/09)

Yesterday, t'was a good day. So much fresh snow, and there was hardly anyone there! I was so confused, I was expecting all of King and Snohomish County to be there, but nope...not at all.

So I arrived there at 830 and waited in line for hogsback to open. It opened at 845 and the liftline was not bad at all. I was a single so I snaked about 30 people too, I was stoked. When I got off the chairlift I immediately headed to tye mill for pillow madness.

It was ridiculous, so deep everywhere. Turning simply was not an option. Only option was mob-slash-mob. So much fun! I never felt like I did yesterday. My confidence was through the roof, I was jumping off everything I could find. The second run down tye mill was similar till about half way when I thought it would be a good idea to go in the trees...what a horrible idea. I got as much speed as I possibly could and I still got stuck. Damn. It was so deep too. Like "belly-button deep" easily and I'm tall (6'1). This put a damper on what was an amazing day so far but it was all good. After about 10 minutes till finding an area where I could catch some momentum, I was exhausted. That t'was until I realized I arrived at a place of pillow and fresh powder goodness. So stoked.

I slayed that and then went down to hogsback to session the parachute chutes for a while... So fun, powder all up on my grill. It was tasty. Then I decided to go over to Big Chief even though I knew it was 99.9% slayed already. The run was most definitely fun, but also most definitely 99.9% slayed before I got there. I felt that I added the extra .1% so I left for the land of skyline.

Took skyline up and traversed hard riders right near the seventh heaven area. This was good. Really good. I even took a ghetto-ass video with my video camera for my viewing enjoyment.

I hit up this area till it was time to eat some curly fries in which I was severely disappointed in. They were rock hard and tasted like fecal matter. Me=bummed. Oh well. I went back up to Skyline and kept on traversing farther and farther. It kept on delivering the goods. Me=happy. After doing the same run for like 2-3 hours, I went over to hogsback and hit all the fun pillow/tree lines for an hour till I couldn't walk. I then proceeded to ride down to my car and gave myself a hi-5 and ended the day with a smile.

Overall I gave the day a 4.25/5, but if seventh heaven/double diamond/the backside and if I was riding with some friends it would have been a 5/5 day for sure.

(left my camera in the car cause I was riding solo, so only the last pic was non-cell phone created)

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