Thursday, November 12, 2009

Snowboard Season Has Arrived (Crystal 11/11/09)

So I went to crystal today, and it was "the good". With something like 18" or something as a snow base, I wasn't head over heals excited, but definitely excited to get my riding legs back under me.

Got to the ski area at 8:50 and by 9:15 the forest queen area was basically tracked out. WTF. It was all good though. Had some beginner run powder off of chinook which was fun, but nothing special. I forgot how out of shape I was though, damn. I got hated on by some butthurt skier too. The very second we get on the lift she starts giving me shit about me having my backpack on while riding the chairlift. Well shit backpack is attached to me in two different areas and I have my gloves on. No way I'm gonna take it off, maybe if you were polite, but not now. She asked if I could take it off and I said "nah" and suddenly her bitching stopped. Crustal (crystal) locals always gotta be hating on me.

We lapped Quicksilver the most because of the lack of gapers and there were still some pow in the trees and such. By noon it was time to eat my sandwich which was absolutely destroyed in my was all good though I just ate it with a fork.

Around 12:45 Adam and I headed back out to ride some more and we saw a few people waiting in line for rex to open. This shocked us and we asked if they were gonna open, and they said "maybe." Well we took one more run down chinook then came back up and saw a few more people in line so we figured "why not?" and we waited in line for a while.

10 minutes later we find out they are going to open up rex! We were gonna have about the 15th-20th chair up and we were soo stoked. This is when shit hit the fan though. Everyone hears about this opening and probably 1/2 of the population of the people that were there that day decide to get into line. With all the powder crazy people in such a small area, peace would not last long. A fight, yes a fight, broke out in the liftline. I don't really know all the details of why it happened, but I was shocked. This all was happening while komo4 news was videotaping the liftline...hilarious.

Once the chair finally opened up to the public (around 1:40ish), I was so excited that I almost could not even talk. Adam and I cut off a few innocent bystanders in the liftline here and there, and next thing we know we are on the lift giving each other high-5's. When we unload at the top, I bind in while moving off of the chairlift, and I'm ready to mob. Adam said that he looked down at his binding and within two seconds he heard me saying "Ight adam I'm gone, see ya at the bottom of green valley." I was so excited I could not even comprehend what was going on. Was this really happening on November 11th? Powder, and lots of it!

The run was beyond awesome, I did not cross one track during my whole run through green valley bowl. The snow was awesome too, it was fairly dry (amazing quality for early Novemer though) and about 1-2ft deep depending on places. Near the bottom I cut left near "grubstake" and I found once again no tracks and even a steeper pitch, and right at that spot I got my first two faceshots of the season, and they were my only 2 turns in that area. Needless to say I was stoked. After those turns I b-lined it to the green valley chair and I was stoked out of my mind. Adam was about 20 seconds behind and we were so pumped.

We lapped the green valley chair for a good hour longer, and we were pleased. Got some more faceshots here and there (I poached the closed area skiers left of the chairlift) and then we called it quits around 3 due to utter exhaustion and the whole area was basically tracked out like it had been opened all day.

Overall I would give the day a 4/5, but it was all I could ask for and more for an opening day.

(I will be posting way more pictures this winter, I just so happened to forget my camera in the car due to my powder frenzy. All these pics in this post were from my shitty cell phone)

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