Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baker Opening Day 11/20/10

Baker opening day was the sickness!

It was puking snow last night in BHAM from 730-930pm.

And this morning the roads were ultra-shittay in BHAM (I left at 630am)

But the closer you got to Baker, the better the roads got. (haha dub tee eph yo) I blasted Neon Indian the whole way there, that is probably why I drove so slow...

Now the phun part: So Baker opening day, of course I'm gonna be expecting everyone to be in full on mob mode. I show up at 750am and I get a pretty good parking spot in Heather Meadows. Some rad bro's parked next to chair 1 and slept there all night so they would get first chair. Cool story Bro. Well I got 8th chair up chair 1, and I was purdy stokeddd.

My first run off of north face was hellza confusing. So I got 8th chair, full on expecting no tracks in my sight. Nope...not at all. There were tracks, not a shit-ton, but still a fair amount. No problemo, I'll slay it anyone (in my own eyes of course.) North Face during early season is super rolly rolly within sudden drops, it's pretty fun. Once I reached the bottom of chair 5, I realized I still had no leg pain...go me!

So I ride back up and ride north face again. Holy schitt it's already basically tracked out. Oh well, I'll ride the ropeline. Good times. Once I got to the bottom I decided to check out the chair 8 area so I ride up chair 5. Once I reach the crest on the chair I realize its turning into a bluebird day. Sweet!

I rode around the chair 8 area along the ropeline for about an hour. That area is super fun. Lot's of natural jumps and shiz. I saw a few skiers dropping off of the arm, and wow was I jealous. Looked super tasty. Oh well, I was still having fun inside the ski area. So much fun that I decided to take a picture of myself.

The rest of the day I just rode all over the ski area, trying to figure out what works on a powder day and whatnot here, because, well, this will be my home for the next 2+ years. Might as well learn how to take a dump on it like I do at Stevens. At the end of the day, I was obligated to get a salmon chowder bread bowl. Nom Nom Nom...

Here is a little video I made from footage I shot throughout the day. Good times.

Peace out internetz (for meow)


  1. vid made me almost weep. just cuz its not the usual stomping grounds. sad really.

  2. I feel ya brad. I kept on wanting to drop in up high at tye bowl, but no can do at Baker. Baker is definitely awesome in it's own way though. Gotta get used to it, cause I don't know shiz on a pow day there. Plus I will miss nightriding/terrain park slayage